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All clipart, images, and cartoons found on this site are copyrighted  material of the individual artists.  You MAY NOT use any image on this site without the express written consent of the artist.  You also MAY NOT alter or change in any way any image on this site without the express written consent of the artist. 

Having said that, Christian Cartoons (dot) Com is the licensing agent for the following cartoons:

Kartoon Knuggets
God's Graffiti
Just Ed

  You may use our images, collectively known as " the material" as follows:

1. You may use and publish the material for any church or youth ministry use, but the material may not be used for the following purposes:
    a.  You may not charge for, resell, market or distribute the material in any form other than in free church publications.
    b.  The material may not be used in any manner which is in violation of our mission statement, or in any manner which is scandalous, sacrilegious, or immoral.
    c.  In no event may the material be used for a commercial purpose without our express written consent.
2.  Any distribution of material found on this site must contain the copyright notice which you view under each toon on this site.
3.  If the material is used on a web site, you must add a link to us.  You may use one of the link buttons below:


4. One other thing.  You may use the toons for free, but the artists on this site produce the cartoons as a ministry.  If you use one of their toons, we ask that you prayerfully consider supporting them financially. We know that not everyone can support thier ministry, but every  $1 or $100 helps.  Would you please consider a donation? Thanks.

You need to contact all the other artists directly for permission.

If you would like to use our toons for a commercial purpose, or if you have any questions, please contact

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All cartoons are the property of the individual cartoonists and may not be used without their  express written consent.